Cooking: Relaxing & Rewarding

There are many enjoyable hobbies. But in words of benefits in the end, nothing can even close to cooking. The joy of following a cookbook or a dedicated website of recipes to produce a dish is a great experience by itself and if it ends all good, then it is even more satisfying with the admiration from others as an added bonus. And if it fails, it will be a lesson how to make it better.

I always like to experiment with some new dishes as it is a great thrill in it, but a big fan of the traditional food too which everyone use to appreciate my mom and grandma for its excellence, as it is relaxing. The other reason for enjoying cooking is that I can learn cooking and improve skills right at home and with making use of my leisure time.

Cooking as a hobby is the easiest to do among all rewarding hobbies. If you want to paint you must have the real talent. If you want to do photography you must have the expensive equipment and the training. Other hobbies like listening to music are just plain relaxation and there is no end product. On the other hand most people have the equipment needed for cooking and though talent helps, but not such a basic necessity as in the case of other hobbies.

When it comes to the possibilities, it is vast for cooking. There are so many cuisines in world that no one will complain about lack of variety. And at present, the availability of modern resources like TV, cookbooks and internet has brought this variety within reach of almost everyone.The dish that you choose to cook can range from the very simple to the complex. It all depends on how much time you want to spend and what ingredients you have on hand and to what extent you want to go.

The wonderful thing about cooking is that you can do it regardless of the weather. When it's warm outside, fire up the grill and when it's cold, go for stove top or oven. Since hobbies are a way to reduce stress, this is very important. But, in case of hobbies like gardening, which is also told to be rewarding, can only be done seasonally in most of the countries.

Cooking is also an evolving art. Everyday people are experimenting with new dishes and adding on to the vast variety that is already available. The internet and the digital world have made it easier to share these innovations with others. So there is always something new to try and it need not be repetitive and boring.

So why is cooking so relaxing? Anything that takes your mind off your everyday problems is relaxing. The best way to relax is to do something that you enjoy. And if you enjoy cooking then it is the best way to relax. Some people feel there is something meditative about preparing and putting together all those ingredients. So pick up the cookbook and relax while putting together a great dish, and then enjoy it again while eating it and sharing your creation with others. Cooking is fun and a truly enjoyable and relaxing hobby and you can be sure that no one else in the family is going to complain about it.