Kitchen Tips & Tricks


To keep Gambooge or Pot tamarind for longer time without spoiling:
Applying coconut oil and salt over Gambooge or Pot tamarind can help in keeping it for longer time without getting spoiled.

To remove bitter taste of bitter guard:
Applying 3 tbsp. vinegar and 1 tsp. salt over bitter guard and wash it for 2-3 times after keeping for few hours will reduce the bitter taste. (N.B: can use lemon juice also instead of vinegar)

To have better texture and colour for chicken meat:
If roasting chicken after keeping for some time with juice of a half a lemon applied can give softness and brighter colour.

To get softer texture for meat:
Keeping the meat wrapped in papaya for some time before cooking will make meat softer. Or even adding some papaya pieces while cooking can make meat softer.

To prevent fish from breaking while frying:
Before frying, applying a thin film of beaten egg over the masala applied fish can help in retaining the fish intact without getting broken while frying.

To prevent sticking of rice grains during rice preparations:
Adding a little of lemon juice will prevent rice grains getting stick each other.

To prevent overflowing of milk while boiling:
Smearing ghee on the edges of the vessel when boiling milk prevents overflow.

To make Dosa soft and crispy:
Adding 2 tbsp. of cooked rice while grinding the dosa batter will make it soft and crispy and dosa will flip over easily too.

To keep Salad fresh for longer time:
If you want to keep any salad fresh for an evening party, first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to serve the salad.

To store mushrooms for longer period:
Storing mushrooms in paper bags rather plastic bags or trays prevents them from becoming ‘slimy’ and prolongs their life.

To reduce smell of Cabbage while cooking:
Adding a bay leaf while cooking cabbage will reduce the smell and also give a subtle flavor.

To reduce fat of minced meat:
Putting a whole carrot in with the minced meat while cooking will reduce fat since carrot will absorb the excess fat in the meat and remove it when cooked. The removed carrot can be used with other vegetables for soup or simply discard it.

To peel a tomato with less effort:
Dipping tomato in hot water for a minute or two and then in cold water for the same amount of time will make it easy to peel.

To prevent ‘puris’ from absorbing more oil:
Placing rolled ‘puris’ in the fridge for 10 minutes before frying will prevent it from absorbing oil and makes it crisper too.

To extract maximum juice from a lemon:
Rolling the lemon on hard surface with a little pressure from your palm before squeezing will give out maximum juice and also lets the seeds come out easily.

To prevent splashing of oil while frying:
Sprinkling some salt in a frying pan prevents oil from splashing.

To make omelette more spongy and soft:
Adding 2-3 tsp. of milk to the egg batter makes omelette soft and spongy.

To reduce cooking time for Rajma and Urad Dal:
 Not adding salt to ‘rajma’ and ‘urad dal’ while cooking will reduce cooking time to half the time when salt is added.

To lessen the sautéing time for onion:
Sautéing sliced onions without oil first and then adding oil, will reduce the moisture content in the onions faster lessening the sauteing time and also saves oil.

To clear and re-use the oil used for frying:
Adding a teaspoon of white vinegar and keeping on slow flame with lid covered will clear the oil, which can then be strained and re-used.

To store Spices and herbs for longer time without losing their flavour:
Storing spices and herbs in a cool, dry & dark place helps in retaining its flavour for longer time, since humidity, light and heat will cause losing it.

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